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Release Notes version 1.69


Elvenar Team

Release Notes

Dear Humans and Elves,

On Tuesday 11 December, we are planning to release version 1.69 on our International worlds. Below you can find all the changes coming with the update!

Bug Fixes

As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which:
  • Crafting - You'll no longer have to reload the game when crafting an item finishes while you're online to be able to collect your newly crafted goodies.
  • Crafting - Using Booster Instants to reduce the Crafting time no longer results in errors when the timer reaches 0.
  • Chat - Removed duplicated name entries when using the /who command.
  • City - Removed some persistent tooltips from appearing when they weren't summoned.


Note: the app version of the update is released separately from the browser version.
  • The basic foundation for visiting neighbors has been laid out. Since this is a quite complex and potentially challenging feature for some devices, we will only make this feature available to a small percentage of players at first, while thoroughly testing and improving on it. Are you among the first to experience it?
  • We have improved the way quests and the chat are loaded by the app in order to prevent some crashes from happening.
  • Translations - Added some missing translations in the inventory window.
  • Fellowship Adventures - Corrected a mistake in the description of the Glorious Arch of Triumph.
  • City - Building levels weren't always showing when you clicked the building, but are back now.
  • City - Filled some holes in the streets to prevent your citizens from tripping when walking around the corners.
  • City - The Confirmation and Cancel buttons to confirm or cancel moving a building are now centered in the screen again.
  • City - In some cases it was possible to start productions without having the required street connections.
  • City - Removed the button to use Booster Instants on buildings that produce automatically because they weren't intended to be there and couldn't be used anyways.
  • City - Filled some empty upgrade windows for Portals with information.
As always, we're very interested in hearing your feedback. Please do share your thoughts by leaving a message in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team