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Release Notes Version 1.12



Dear Humans and Elves,

Due to your feedback, from now on, we will be bringing you the release notes a little earlier than we have been doing so far. Consequently the release notes published below are somewhat provisional in nature. We will let you know of any changes to these release notes as soon as we are aware of them.

On Wednesday 17th August, we plan to update International to version 1.12. With this update we will bring you many new things, including a quite major rebalancing of the Dwarven Bulwark Ancient Wonder in your favour, a new icon in the top menu of the game where you can see the Guest Race Goods of your current chapter, and many other things. For a full overview of the changes, please have a look at the Release Notes below!


  • In the top bar, we have added an icon in which you can see the Guest Race Goods for your current Chapter, as well as the Orcs that you can produce in your high-level Armories
  • It is now possible to get missing Coins and Supplies for Encounters and to finish productions by spending some Diamonds

  • The Tournaments technology has been added to the core of the research tree*
  • The Dwarven Bulwark has been rebalanced and now gives significantly higher bonuses for your city - to give some examples: on level 1, the unit production per 3 hours has been increased from 9 to 30 and the training size increase went from 8 to 16; and on level 15 the unit production went from 51 to 200 and the training size increased from 68 to 124
  • Due to Squad Size Upgrade 24 being needed in the story quests, it has been added to the core of the research tree* - instead, we have now made Squad Size Upgrade 25 an optional technology
* Please note: This means that if you have passed that stage in the research tree and did not complete these technologies, you will not be able to progress further in the research tree until you have gone back and completed the researches.


  • Resolved an error where player cities on the world map did not always show correctly
  • Fixed a problem where avatars over buildings after Neighborly Help did not always appear when they should
  • Added tasks to a quest that had none
  • The notification when a treasure can be found in a city now appears when it should again
  • Realigned some images in a reward window in the research tree
  • Clicking an Ancient Wonder background image now correctly scrolls to the Ancient Wonder even in another player's city
  • Made some slight adjustments to the placement of quest givers so they no longer overlap the Tournament menu on the World Map
We are of course looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team