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Release Notes Version 1.107


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Release Notes

Dear Humans and Elves,

We are updating our International worlds to version 1.107, today the 23rd of June.

The list of changes can be found below:

Balancing Changes

  • Granite Mines and Copper Foundries of the Dwarves Chapter no longer require Granite or Copper to be upgraded, to allow for an easier transition into the first Guest Race and to make progress in this Chapter a bit faster.
    • The demand of Coins and Supplies required for building and upgrading Granite Mines, Copper Foundries and the Dwarven Portal have been increased, to make up for the removal of these two resources.
    • Copper and Granite are still required for all Researches, and to upgrade the Portal.
  • Quest #96 in the Air Traders' Voyage has been given an alternative condition to completing one province, to help those who struggle finishing this quest.

Bug Fixes

As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which:

  • Tournaments - Instead of granting several of the same Rune Shards as reward for reaching several Chests, several different Rune Shards can be selected again, if a sufficient amount of Ancient Wonders were already unlocked in Research.
  • Ancient Wonders - The Tournament Arena now properly grants ranking points for each Chest reached by the Fellowship in the weekly Tournaments.
  • Ancient Wonders - The Spire Library no longer displays "NaN" in place of the ranking points gained by receiving Fellowship Rewards in the Spire of Eternity.
  • Ancient Wonders - The reduction of decay of Sentient Goods in D222-z "Simia Sapiens" is now properly indicated by the graphic next to it, showing a reduction rather than an increase.
  • Embassies - Street tiles of the Union Street introduced in Embassies now properly connect visually, instead of showing as single street units.
  • Amuni - Trap Makers and Goldsmiths can no longer be placed from the Inventory after having been stored via Teleport Building if insufficient amounts of Prestige are available. Subsequent errors, including the building to appear to vanish and re-appear in the inventory have been solved as well.
  • Events - Tooltips for buildings that can be obtained in events will now show the proper Chapter values instead of sometimes displaying the values of Chapter 1.
  • Translations - The new button to access the Crafting tab within the Magic Academy now properly displays the translated name of Crafting in all languages.


Note: the app version of the update is released separately from the browser version.

  • The Relic overview has been reworked completely and now gives a better overview as to how many Relics are available, how high the production boost caused by Relics currently is, how many more Relics are required to reach the next production boost, and how much surplus is available if the maximum boost was already reached. This screen is available on the world map and within the Main Hall.
  • Ancient Wonders - When the Pyramid of Purification causes additional Sentient Goods to be collected alongside Orcs from Armories, these are now properly displayed as collected, rather than just being added silently in the background. We know the Orcs are loud, but the Sentient Goods learned to shout back to become visible again.
  • Ancient Wonders - Fixed a rounding error displayed in the Knowledge Points production description for level 32 of the Tome of Secrets. It is now properly indicated that 7 Knowledge Points can be collected.
  • Translations - Added missing translation for the description of Trophies in the ranking for the Spire of Eternity and for the prompt to join a Fellowship in the Spire of Eternity.
If you are curious and want to experience these changes before they are released, please feel free to register an account on our Beta server, where they get released several days in advance for technical testing.

We hope you like the changes we're bringing with this update. Please let us know your feedback to the changes by leaving a comment in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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