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Release Notes Version 1.106


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Release Notes

Dear Humans and Elves,

We are updating our International worlds to version 1.106, tomorrow the 9th of June.

The list of changes can be found below:


  • Quest Milestones in events can now be accessed even if no quests for the event are available until the next event day because all episodic quests have already been finished. Instead, the cooldown display can be clicked to get to the Quest Milestones and collect rewards.

  • The cooldown until a new quest can appear in the game is now communicated more clearly, explaining that the next quest will only be shown on the next event day.

Bug Fixes

As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which:

  • Boosters - Time Boosters won from the Spire of Eternity would not always immediately appear for use, causing the option to reduce the time of actions to not appear properly. They can now always immediately be used upon receiving them, even from the Spire of Eternity.
  • Quests - The Human quest "Natural Culture" is no longer a mandatory quest that cannot be cancelled once the next Chapter was reached.
  • Crafting - Relic costs and time to produce Enchantments no longer overlap.
  • Crafting - Combining Catalysts now show the correct tooltip information, rather than informing you on how Spell Fragments, an entirely different item, can be earned.
  • Spire of Eternity - Fellowship rewards granted at the end of the Spire of Eternity again take the correct individual player participation into account, meaning that it is no longer possible to benefit off the progress of other players when critical milestones were not yet reached.


Note: the app version of the update is released separately from the browser version.

  • Based on community feedback, the zoom level of the city is now maintained when switching between multiple production buildings of the same type via the arrows at the sides of the production menu. No more unintentional zooming in on those buildings!
  • User Interface - The Crafting button in the bottom navigation was not displayed immediately after the Magic Academy was built, but only after the game was refreshed. It now appears immediately after the construction is finished.
  • User Interface - The Relics display on the World Map properly shows x/y Relics gathered to reach the next production boost now, whereas it was missing the total amount needed (y) before.
  • Building Menu - Fixed an issue that could cause values for requirements, costs or benefits of a building to be cut off if the value exceeded 5-6 digits.
  • Events - When switching between different event types on Beta and Live servers, images and functionality of the events could be mixed and render the events unplayable until the app was restarted. Elvenar no longer gets confused and can tell different events apart.
  • May Celebrations - Bardbarella had lots of fun in your city! So much, in fact, to take it as a reason to stay on screens longer than intended. Quest givers can no longer get stuck on the screen like that. Sorry, Bardbarella.
  • Challenges - The points required to reach the next prize in Challenge events now properly fit into the event icon and are no longer cut off.
  • Tournaments - Upon having reached at least one chest containing Rune Shards at the end of a Tournament, the Rune Shards would be shown twice, once as the sum of not yet determined Rune Shards (as seen in chest reward preview), once with the actual number and type of Rune Shard earned. The correct amount of Rune Shards was granted, however.
If you are curious and want to experience these changes before they are released, please feel free to register an account on our Beta server, where they get released several days in advance for technical testing.

We hope you like the changes we're bringing with this update. Please let us know your feedback to the changes by leaving a comment in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team