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Release Notes Version 1.10



Dear Humans and Elves,

With tomorrow's update to 1.10, we hear a lot of grunting noises and squeals... and that smell? What could that be...? Ah, it must be the Orcs and Goblins! Check out the separate announcement and the release notes for the rest of version 1.10 below!


  • Orcs and Goblins have set foot in Elvenar - check out the announcement for more information on this new guest race!
  • Armories level 20 and higher are now able to produce a new resource: Orcs - they will be needed in the Orcs and Goblins Chapter and to negotiate distant provinces
  • You now have space to place a total of 10 more City Expansions in your city

  • Opening another player's Ancient Wonder will now open the Help tab directly
  • The ranking icon in the profile box at the top left of the screen has been updated

  • Fixed some display issues in the research tree
  • Added an icon for neighborly help as it was missing sometimes
  • Fixed an error that could cause the notifications menu to break
As always, we're looking forward to your feedback. Please let us know what you think by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team