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Release Notes Version 1.1



Dear Humans and Elves,

Are you ready for the Fairies? We certainly hope so, because they need your help! On top of that, several new features and improvements have been added to the game, and we have a gost of bug fixes for you. Check out the release notes below for a full overview!


  • Chapter VII has been released! For more information, check the announcement (link)
  • Quests introducing the Spells feature have been added

  • Hovering the 'Navigate to Scout' button on the World Map will show you how long an active Scout needs until it finishes
  • A tooltip has been added on the button for the Ancient Wonders menu icon, which shows how many Rune Shards you have for the various Ancient Wonders
  • If a new Rune Shard has been received, an indicator is shown on the Ancient Wonder menu icon at the bottom of the screen

  • A number of quests asking for manufactory upgrades have been polished for both Humans and Elves, so that the quest lines are more logical
  • Replaced an early storyline quest that asked for a certain amount of Relics with a quest to collect a certain number of coins in order to avoid being blocked

  • The Ancient Wonders Building menu no longer shows up empty when the Builders' Hut queue is full
  • Fixed an issue with overlaying graphics for some of the Dwarven buildings
  • An issue where all buildings for a City would show on top of each other has been fixed
  • A tooltip which has information regarding production boosts and Ancient Wonder bonuses has been corrected
  • In battle, the icons for debuffs are now correctly shown between rounds if applicable
  • Empty reward screens when completing a province are no longer possible
  • The 'Increase Training Size' effect of the Dwarven Bulwark now stays applied after production has been collected in the Barracks
  • Spells now persist on a building when you cancel an upgrade on a building affected by a spell
  • Neighborly Help no longer requries a game reload in order for the effect to appear in the Culture Bonus tooltip
  • Technologies in the research tree no longer disappear when they are visible
  • Cancelling troop production when having a full storage now gives the appropriate confirmation window
  • Unit tooltips in the barracks now show the correct production costs for multiple units
  • The cursor in move mode no longer reverts to the hand icon unexpectedly
  • The 'Back to Province' button after an encounter now actually takes you back to the province again, instead of the World Map
  • The 'Research' button shown when research is needed for an upgrade now takes you to the research tree again
  • Quest 'Visiting the Tavern' (Dwarves) now correctly asks for Bread to be produced
  • Quest 'Local Production' (Humans and Elves) can no longer be completed with unboosted manufactories
As always, we're looking forward to your feedback. Please let us know what you think by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team