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Release Notes Version 0.33



Dear Humans and Elves,

The Holidays are well and truly over now, but don't despair! International will be updated to our latest version tomorrow! The biggest change is that the Hardware Acceleration feature is no longer optional and will be the only option from now on. We have worked tirelessly on improving this feature even further, and we will continue to do so. For more information on this feature, please have a look at this earlier announcement in which we explain what the feature is and what the benefits of it are. For the rest we have been fixing many bugs and we are continuously working on some exciting new features. If you would like to know
exactly what changed in this new version, please have a look at the detailed list below.


  • With the update to version 0.33 we have once more enabled Hardware Acceleration for all users and it will no longer be possible to turn it off. After many tests, we believe Hardware Acceleration is ready to become the default and only available option. This will grant us the possibility to take Elvenar to even higher standards of quality and gaming experience.
  • Quest and research progress bars have received a slight graphical update

  • Buildings no longer turn invisible after upgrading
  • Fixed a minor issue with zooming in the city view altering the focus location
  • Fixed an issue with spotlights in the tutorial
  • Coins no longer appear to be added to Culture when performing Neighborly Help
  • The progress bar in the Research Tree now correctly shows as full when all necessary Knowledge Points were invested
  • Boosted Goods' Relics are once again highlighted in the Main Hall's Relics tab
  • Fixed an issue where the Goods overview window would not open correctly
  • Long quest titles no longer overflow the available space
  • The tooltip for Knowledge Points in Ancient Wonders was broken and is now fixed again
  • The format in which large sums of Coins are displayed has been changed on upgrade tabs for consistency
  • Ancient Wonders' decorations now only appear when the Ancient Wonder is finished
  • Hovering your mouse over an Ancient Wonder while it is in construction now shows you a tooltip again
  • Citizens were erroneously available when loading the game in Medium graphics and now only appear on High graphics
  • High-level human Planks Manufactories no longer appear to change location when upgrading
As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback! Please leave a comment in the discussion thread to let us know what you think.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team