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Release Notes version 0.19



Dear Elves and Humans,

In today's update, we bring you a lot of bug fixes, and we have made several minor improvements to the game's balance regarding quests. You will find a full list of changes to the game below.


  • Quest 'The Celebrations' can now be completed using any combination of quests
  • Players who have reached the third segment of the research tree, will not be deleted due to inactivity from now on. We will be closely monitoring what effect(s) this has on the game.

  • Quest 'Broad Training' is now only available once you have superior barracks, to better fit the quest's description
  • Quest 'Place expansion' had its availability slightly altered to improve the flow of quests
  • Quest 'A Request of the Treants' now becomes available a bit later, so that it fits the ingame progress better
  • Quest 'Using Strengths: Planks' has had its reward slightly buffed to match the other 'Using Strengths' quests for Marble and Steel

  • Quests that require you to upgrade buildings should now always complete correctly
  • Quest 'Strengthen Ties to the Earth' should now always complete correctly
  • Unit shadows will now always reflect the unit's actual looks
  • One quest-giver was a bit too persistent in talking to you - he has been told to tune down
  • A highlight in the tutorial has had its focus adjusted
  • The initiative bar in battles now always selects the correct unit
  • A sound effect after winning an automatic fight will now play correctly
  • Filtering trades in the Trader can no longer take you to non-existent pages
  • Reloading the game while in battle after losing some troops will no longer cause the wrong amount of troops to show in the barracks
  • The 'back to world map' button is now available again after battles as well
  • Some tooltips in manufactories displayed wrong information, and have now been straightened up
  • Quest 'Build More Cultural Buildings' now completes using any cultural building
  • Quests 'New Research' and 'Utilizing New Knowledge' are no longer available if you have completed all researches in the research tree
  • Cancelling an upgrade no longer causes errors
  • Moving the Main Hall no longer causes errors
  • Killing a squad of units in battle no longer causes errors
  • Some texts in the tutorial went missing, but have been found again
  • Reloading the game window in some places in the tutorial no longer gets you stuck
  • Sometimes two log-out buttons were showing, one has now been removed
  • Switching back from fullscreen mode to normal mode no longer hides the options menu
  • Click-and-drag to move through the city was not working when clicking a building that you had just collected resources from
  • The 'navigate to scout' button is now always available when scouting is in progress
  • Sometimes the world map showed the city of the last player you visited, but this is no longer the case
  • The counter for available research city expansions was not updated correctly without a refresh, and now works correctly again
  • Searching the rankings with an empty space no longer crashes the rankings
  • A host of text errors have been fixed
  • An issue that prevented some players from completing the tutorial has been fixed

With the update to 0.19, there will unfortunately be a new bug in the game. There was no time left to fix the issue and it was not severe enough to postpone the entire release. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding. The issue is:
  • Notifications from Neighborly Help are not always displaying the correct player name
We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, so please hop over to the discussion thread and let us know what you think!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team