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Regarding supply quantity

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In arendyll I have workshop of level 11 . And in winyandor I have level 15 workshop. But the supply quantity produced by level 11 in arendyll is more than the supply produced by level 15 of winyandor. Same way not only for workshop, even the all goods manufacturing of arendyll is more than the winyandor. Main hall per hour coin is more in arendyll than winyandor. Can any one say wwhy it is so much of different between these two??????


I've not played in other worlds tbh. Pointless when the system locks players on the tree because they can't fight or negotiate..

But, could be down to a few things.
Culture, culture boost, human city, elf city.

I have heard though that the worlds have slight differences in how much the buildings make, and also in the cost of researches and productions.


Do not buy magic workshop - it take what you gain off the the normal workshop average. it is a fix. and when you delete a magic workshop - your normally workshops do not regain there previous status, they continue to produce at lower levels.


Why did you start this thread after starting another on the same subject 7 minutes earlier?. The magic workshop doesn't reduce the production of your other workshops, the reduction in Culture bonus when building the workshop would. You don't get everything you spent on a building back when you sell it, just a proportion