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Red Phoenix - top 100 fellowship seeking members


Red Phoenix is a fellowship for active players who still want the freedom to be able to play how they like. No quotas to fulfil, no game play requirements, and no need to do anything more than what you enjoy and have time for. Just a friendly and relaxed environment where you can get the support you need to grow your city and gain good prizes in events, tournaments and adventures.

All our players are on daily or close to it, and are roughly evenly distributed between chapters 5 to 9 (Woodelves). We are looking for 1 active player with any sized city and any boosted goods.

Members of our fellowship can expect the following benefits:
- to typically receive 15-20 neighbourly help visits per day
- easily find fair trades, and have fair trades accepted quickly whenever you ask for help obtaining goods
- tournaments typically complete the 5th or 6th chest
- fellowship adventures typically reach the 2nd main prize at least, and get good ranking prizes too
- have people donate spare knowledge points to any wonders you have
- friendly atmosphere where people are happy to help and offer advice
- relaxed game play, so there's no pressure for you to do any more than what you enjoy or have time for
- there's almost always a couple of people online at any one time, so it's quick and easy to get help whenever you ask for it

You can review our fellowship details here on ElvenStats.

If this sounds like the fellowship for you, send an application to Red Phoenix on Felyndral (en3), or message the archmage UlyssesBlue if you'd just like more information.
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One place currently available. Any boosts and city size is accepted.


Hi. I have been playing since May and am looking for a more active fellowship. I am on 23473 points and just about to complete level 5. I have boosts in steel scrolls and dust. I play on mobile phone only but can do tournaments and adventures now. PM is not yet available though. If you have a space then I would like to join.
Thanks Lyndari


We'd love to have you, Lyndari. :) Playing on mobile only certainly won't be a problem. I've sent you an invitation in-game.