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Discussion Rebalancing of select (old) event buildings


I guess it will be based on chapter. Otherwise, what if you had nerfed buildings from different chapters? Also, it seems everyone will get it, not just those who were affected.


The buildings would be granted per world. And, for the Fellowship Adventure, the information I have is "reached stage 3," not "completed." :)
Good. Next time, please think ahead and communicate things in time. While it may be neccesary from a software development point of view, it's still actual people playing your game.

Thank you for understanding the error in this and trying to make amends.


Well done Inno ... how many players has this mess cost you?

That must really hurt the marketing ROI when half of you company tries to find more customers, while the other half is busy trying to get rid of them!


I don't care how much warning was given. I am now down mega population and culture. I spent mega time during events to get where I was and now I am totally shafted. My population now reads -3658!!! Culture is little more than enough to cover costs. Not sure how I can do anything other than throw away much of my city and start over..... not going to happen... might be better just to abandon until this is FIXED.


Perhaps the most stupid part of all of this is that those who have been the most loyal customers potentially get shafted the most. Great way to keep the customers running away.


Thank you Inno, for at least acknowledging that this "rebalance" created undue hardship on many players. Thanks for trying to make it right.

Please take this as a lesson learned. PLEASE hear and act on our feedback about notifications.

In the future, Please use all the tools at your disposal to communicate changes EARLY to all of your players. Please have a plan to collect and distribute as much information as possible about the: change, timeline, impacts, benefits and potential mitigations for the change. The forums are a great start, but we need earlier notice of changes like this to express our concerns, gather responses to our questions, and act to prepare for such changes. Only a fraction of your players have a log in on the forums and even fewer have access to the Beta forums. So, we also need notice IN GAME, early, and often.

If you are going to rely on 3rd party sites to collect data about a change (like Elvenarchictect for the population and culture impacts of this change by building, by level), then please say so and post a link to said website.

You have the tools to keep folks from getting run over by the bus. Please use them, often, and early.

I personally believe that this would not have been such an issue had we(the players) been informed a few weeks in advance that this change was ACTUALLY going to hit the live servers. It would have still hurt, but we could have at least braced for the hit.


How about giving us two free expansions to place the magic residence and Phoenix Cult . My population didn't require the extra buildings before , so now I need more space.:( (unless I wait for the royal restoration spell and collect enough of them to upgrade all my event buildings to my current chapter level , which could take years).:rolleyes:


Better would be to make the premium expansions a sensible price again, instead of half a weeks wage in the UK, I guess that is punishment for Brexit. :-(


@Mifrantoio it appears now inno are compensating everyone with a free magic residence relevant for the current chapter.

This is fine except that to put these in place I am going to have to redesign I think and remove some production buildings. If I take out the offending overvalued(previously) buildings I lose even more population and culture before I get any back. Will there be enough in the buildings to compensate. I suppose I must wait and see.


I am short of space in my game and the only things I have now that can be removed in order to put in a magic residence are old event buildings. They are badly out of balance and I will lose more people than the residence is worth. I cant afford to lose the building and yet you leave me no choice in order to try and fix my game. This is as empty gesture and especially so to players who lost several thousands of population and culture


The extra building(s) offered to offset this change are a good step in the right direction, but as a lot of people don't have the space to put them in the issue will remain for many people for a long while yet. Including an expansion would help though.


Everything will still operate. You just can't build any buildings that require population.
I guess you suggest to buy more... you are crazy people... this is not a game anymore but turning to some shopping mall... you are surely going to loose the angry players... personally lost some 1400 inhabitants and some culture and not going to do nothing about it just wait and see how it goes but if at the end of time I still loose I will strongly recommend you to shut the shop and run because will be a thick trail of law suits... you cannot sell a car and then say is actually a cap... good luck!


The value of the magic building is a lot higher than a normal one!
So, even if any of yous don't have space left over, all yous have to do
is take a resident building out and replace it! You can check out the
value in the inventory!! I inserted mine in the Beta without any problems!
Plus most players got to many culture buildings, just delete one!!
All it's needed is 100% or less!!!!;)


I might be a rare voice, but this is a good idea. At the moment, I ditch most of my event buildings once they're more than a chapter old, as the buildable buildings usually provide the same or better benefits. It makes my city easy to plan, and a bit dull - currently building towards a monoculture of Grape Farms with plans for smaller culture buildings around the Halfing farms and grain fields.

Bringing in the capability of upgrading Event culture buildings will increase their long term usefulness, rather than using them for a chapter or so and then ditching them in favour of whatever culture buildings the Builder gives me. Makes city planning more interesting and potentially a great deal more challenging.

As for the devo / communications side - it has been clearly communicated why that changes are being made, and although I know as much about coding, testing and debugging as a bird knows about fluid dynamics (don't know exactly how it works, but it's fun flying), I'm pretty sure that if they tried implementing both changes at once, it'd be a damn sight harder to test and debug.