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re-designing / unable to swap buildings


Having spent years on another Innogames title "Forge of Empires", I wondered if this game will ever get the same ability to swap buildings around in your city without having to delete or make space first.

In FoE you simply drop a a building on any other building and they will swap, providing their is room for the new building.
E.g. you can drop a 4x4 on any other building taking up space from 4x4 upwards, but you cannot drop a 4x4 on a 3x3 for obvious reasons.

It makes moving the city around so much easier, whereas you tend to get locked in for ages with Elvenar until you can finally delete those end of chapter buildings and portal, when you can then make some moves in preparation for the next chapter.

Sorry to waffle on, but does anyone know why Innogames doesn't allow that in this game?

Happy Gaming


Hi Bob
No we do not have this feature over here in Elvenar. I agree this is a great feature but city Tetris is one of the main aspects of this game. We cannot rotate or swap buildings.
You will learn how to plan ahead and do your moves whenever you unlock a new space expansion. In the meantime you can use Elvenstats to import your city to the Elven Architect to do some advanced planning. There is no real 'save' feature so have a file ready to receive the address.
Here is a handy tip: sell off cheap roads to make more space. Best of luck :)
LOL I learned a long time ago Lelanya, been Archmage for the last 18 months or more, but with all the updates I just wondered if it was something they had planned.
A real shame as this game is slow enough already without having to wait until chapters are over to make those moves but I appreciate that it's part of the game for now.

All the best