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Ranking side bar question


Hi guys,

Just discovered the natty little pop-out side bar when you look at another player's ranking. All makes sense to me except one bit - the world map progress score. Is this based on how many provinces you have cleared and the total value of each of those provinces?
(Have I just answered my own question?)
Mine is 18896. I have cleared 291 provinces, which is way ahead of where I'm supposed to be (just about to finish orcs - which requires 190 to open the next chest).
Does this score have any impact on your overall ranking? I'm thinking no?

Thoughts clearer than mine on this?



Is this what you are after?

Provinces Ranking Points
You can also get a lot of additional points by solving Encounters in Provinces.

Each Province is considered to be at a certain distance from your city. You will get 1 point per Province Distance, for each solved Encounter.

For example, by solving an Encounter on a Distance 5 Province, either through negotiation or fighting, you will add 5 points to your ranking. (1 encounter X 5 distance)