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Question Question - Orc Strategist


Hello fellow Elvarians,

I have a quick question about the Orc Strategist.
Yesterday, I finished the first research of the Wood elven chapter, woohoo - Human civ.

I have been trying to optimize my city space and during orcs, I decided to build and upgrade my mercenary grounds. I heard the Orc Strategist is better than a 3 star Rad Mortar. Is that true?

Should I keep my Training grounds and spam 1 star Orc strategists or can I just sell and build 3 star Rad Mortars? I also don't like the dogs and usually I kill the enemy mages with Light ranged units.
Any ideas are welcome!

Thank you for your advice and have a wonderful weekend!

Edit: I forgot to add that I also use Grounds of the Orc Strategists
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They are different. Useful for different occasions, so you really want both. Also Strategists are expensive to make, as you will realize when you try making them (they use Orcs as input resource)

The grounds are awesome! Spam as many as you can :)

Merc Camp makes Frogs for HR troops, those are the ones better than cannons, but at what star they overtake them I don´t know exactly. I don´t play human.


Thanks Gargon!

When do you use Mortars?

I gave up on them and use Strategists when I need to counter enemy Light Ranged.

Have fun,


I can´t tell you what to use Mortars for, I can only tell you what I use Frogs for. Since Mortars are a crappy version of them I suppose you can do the same with them, only with worse results :D

And yes if you are fighting LR, then definitely go for Orc Strats, they are best for that. That is what I use them for myself.

Frogs are for:
- early tourney provinces
- kill dogs
- LM heavy encounters, other things can be mixed in, just not mages.
- obstructed terrain
- kings of the spire

Depending on circumstances, frogs are good against everything except mages. But they don´t like fighting double/triple their own SS, so high tourney provinces are no fun for them, but the spire never does that, so they are my fav. spire unit :)