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Question Pyramid of Purification, question:


Okay, well, first of all, if you checked elvenstats, yes, I am stalling right in front of a filled up Halfling's scouts (so still in S&Ds), but I like to plan, and plan the big picture. Like a good chess player, I want to be some moves ahead.

Pyramid reads:
For each orc collect, 30% sentient good.

But 30% what exactly?

I have six armories, seven nests (is exaggerated, I know... but I do not want ever to say the typical sentence "I ran out of orcs"), and a level 7 (will stay like that for a very long while) Heroes Forge.

My idea is to stall for AW work (now with tournament earthquakes... who knows), and grow more provinces (I have 337 -need 250 to activate these scouts-, but I want to grow more) The expansions I am gaining, I am using it for when the armories stretch to 7x3. Right now, I have orc nests there. With the stall, I keep adding more and more orcs (200K orcs already, and I used 250K orcs for level 31 needles...) Those orc nest initially are temporal, for when the armories grow (or when like I have 5m orcs or so haha) However, what is this 30% sentient good mean? And will the orc nest trigger that too? (They become worthier then...)

Thanks :)


Elvengems says the percentage relates to the orcs you harvest. So, if you harvest 1000 orcs, you would get 300 sentient goods, either tier 1 or tier 2 sentient goods. You will need these in vast amounts in later chapters.


Hmm, now I can't be sure now you've said it. I'll watch some next time I'm collecting Orcs. On mobile I don't think you even see what's being collected.


You can see on mobile what is being collected. Sometimes I get both s1 and s2 at the same pick-up point. Not at the s3 level yet, so not able to say anything about that.