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Answered Production pickup


This is in regard to the Everblossom Sleigh but I have seen this phrase used to describe the benefits of other buildings as well.
What specifically is meant by "production pickup every 24 hours"?


the Everblossom Sleigh's main source of production is coins which will be given to you every 24 hours.....if you have it evolved, whatever bonus's it offers, those too will be given at the same time the coins are.....hover over the Everblossom Sleigh to see what the current production is as well as the bonus productions


Production is what it produces
Pickup is you / gamer picks it up and adds to their running totals … (stock it for consumption)
Every 24 hours - you can repeat that every 24 hours. (Some buildings have 48 hours production pick up / once in 2 days, you collect something from it)

Sir Derf

Other buildings have longer production cycles, but allow for early pickup. Pond of Autumn has 24 hour Seeds production, but allows pickup after 12. Visit every 12 to 24 hours, you can have efficient, lossless production, collecting from 1/2 to full production; after 24 hour, max production has been reached and no more is made until you collect.

With Everblossom Sleigh, for lossless production you need to visit every 24 hours exactly and pickup just as production is finished.