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Prizes in the Spire


It's high time you guys changed the prizes in the Spire.
To begin with - swap the Moonstone Library (and it's parts) for something else. It's getting old, if not ancient and anyone not having at least 7 full sets isn't really playing the Spire anyway.
Also, the number of Spell Fragments is now passing half a million (will never be able to use all, let alone need to disenchant items/spells to gain any) - will there be another use for these coming up or could some of them be replaced by some other small prizes?
One thing almost everyone is short of, is Pet Food. That could be one prize to swap in, into the Spire.
What do you think? This is the way the talk goes on all the worlds I play in. Well, "all"... Three, anyway. ;-)

Far Reach

I have to say that I don't have an excess of Spell Fragments - and I complete the Spire every week. I wonder whether those folks with this issue are just those who've chosen to place multiple Moonstone sets in their cities (I haven't). (Actually since scrolls is one of my boosts, I'd actually prefer that less use was made of this set overall ..)

It might be helpful to produce some figures showing how the production of Spell Fragments and CCs balances against requirements (to verify that there is a problem here). If your aim is just to have better Spire prizes, then a possible option would be to have fewer fragment prizes, but to make these bigger (so that the number available to win isn't reduced.)


I've only ever built one Spire Library set and I have approximately one gazillion spell fragments in stock.

This type of thing comes up quite regularly and the point with the Spire is - the pay-out from it is awesome, so it probably doesn't need any fixing. Sure, there are always things that I would rather have over other things, if I'm being picky, but overall we can't complain about Spire prizes.


You misunderstood - I do not want "better prizes", just something that can be used. As it is, I have +500k Spellfragments on all my players and so many Moonstone Libraries I have to sell them off - and what do I get then? More spell fragments...
As far as I'm concerned - those that haven't got the full Moonstone set yet, can't really have played the Spire. When it comes to the other sets won in competitions (Phoenixes, bears etc), one usually gets just one extra chance. Why should this be any different?
I'm NOT asking for better prizes, just different. Something one can actually use. The Spire is costly in troops and/or resources, as well as rewarding - but some swaps for other prizes would be an extra enticement to play it?


The only reason to abolish it should be to fix it (aka bonus +x instead of always scrolls)
As that part of the set destroys the market.

it doesnt matter what the prize is as long as it stays they same you will eventually get mnany of them.
That said for not end gamers those new parts can be used to replace older parts.

So the real issue of multiple sets is only for those in an end game stage.


The only reason to abolish it should be to fix it (aka bonus +x instead of always scrolls)
As that part of the set destroys the market.
Bonus + x would make the game playable for all, but it would obsolete the tier 2 (and tier 4) manufactories. I do not think that there is a fix for the spire set problem.

With respect to the Spell Fragments, I do not see any problem there. Moreover, looking at where the Events are heading to, and given the latest tournament changes, I fully expect a major nerf to the spire rewards. Until then, I will happily collect Spell Fragments.


It never obsoletes the T4 need, for 2 simple reasons
  • sentient decays
  • Rewards are limited compared to factory production per day, you can't make/build it as extreme as you can with T2.
But even if it limits the use of T2 factories, at least it makes new scroll players not quit the game because they cannot get the goods they need. especially on "new / young" worlds.

As these spots keep being abandoned and therefore first reopenened it becomes a vicious circle that never ends because scroll players quit = lots op open scroll places == new players get assigned these open spots == players quit. rinse and repeat.

There will be always needs for t2 factories in game, for either T4 and the arrival of T7 in chapter 18 (yes I know thats still far away)

Bonus+x would at least solve the issue with new players who get screwed with the constant assignment of scrolls boost.


There are plenty of possible prizes you can't get enough of; time reductions, kp, troops and so on.


Maybe INNO can introduce 2 additional sets, Spire Mine for crystal and Spire Ballroom for silk. They could have same compositions as library but buildings would produce +1 and +2 goods. So every player can place in their town what is needed.


To begin with - swap the Moonstone Library (and it's parts) for something else. It's getting old, if not ancient and anyone not having at least 7 full sets isn't really playing the Spire anyway.
What? Uhm no. What about new players such as me?

I have only just been able to do the Spire and have only managed to get the one piece out of two tries now. That would be pretty wasteful to only ever have that one piece, which is already down and waiting for me to get reward of the rest of the set.

Looking at the set, I am however a bit baffled as to why it only gives the one T2 and for me the one T3. I mean it is great for me, since my boosted is neither Scrolls nor Magic Dust. But that seems to make the game out of balance with no other goods given. So I would be ok if it were replaced with a different new similar set, that hopefully rectifies that issue. But to completely do away with that type of reward just because some players have had luxury of getting so many does not sound like a solution for those that have not. Maybe add a new set as reward above certain chapter for the other T2 goods. Or change it so that disenchanting that set gives something more useful other than spell fragments (since the set gives so many anyway).

Sir Derf

You misunderstood - I do not want "better prizes", just something that can be used.
Wouldn't, from your point of view, "something that can be used" be, oh, I don't know..., a better prize? Compared to the implied alternative of "something that can't be used"? Asking for a friend... :cool:


When there is a will to misinterpret, there is obviously no use in stating even the bleeding obvious (to quote Basil Fawlty).
I'll give it a go, though. To begin with, a "better prize" would indeed be the Moonstone Library, if one didn't already have 10+ of them, including the annexes. I think even you will admit a 1 KP prize isn't as good as say a 30 KP prize or a Moonstone Library (normally - see above). A Moonstone Library that is only taking up space in ones inventory, is however a less good prize, even a bad prize. There is a limit to how many one has space for, wouldn't you agree? No prize is really good, unless there's a use for it.
Scheesh - everything must be explained on a level suitable for kindergarten...
/Imp -atient and losing interest in the Spire


I have currently 10 in my city, but a few of those are still chapter 15, so I wouldn´t mind replacements for those.

I like FAs so I can´t have too many Libraries :) Even after they are all chapter 16. They will simply become additional teleport spells. Delete libraries before the FA and replace them after.


I'm told the scrolls gained help offset the massive amount needed later on in the game chapters .. but somewhere else i commented on this a few weeks back.

Moonstone library is great and should still be there for those new on their journey in Elvenar (although where did the chess set go from the Magic Academy lists I wonder) but 1/2 sets is enough. We could do with a new level to spire and a new set to collect. Some Pet food as prizes occasionally would not go amiss either. Game Devs .. please consider this (game forum mods.. please pass on)

I'm a long time player of this game and spent quite a bit of cash over the years.. I still love it but it needs to keep developing


I don't know why they didn't just limit the Spire Library to one set per person, from the get go. This would've been only the same as they did with the chess set. No one would've minded if it started out that way. They could've made it so that if you already have the pieces then they don't appear as possible Spire prizes subsequently.