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Other Premium Culture buildings and expansions


[Summary] - Balancing the benefits of in-game assets that are purchased with diamonds in contrast to equivalent assets that can be obtained with resources generated in game might need a look at.
[Details] - The benefits of city terrain expansions that are based on the Main Hall level and can only be purchased with diamonds are very strong.
i.e. It is fairly easy to grow the Main Hall to level 5 quickly and then add 5 of the 5x5 grid expansions to the city grid.
My idea was along the line of granting premium expansions in larger increments of the Main Hall level upgrades such as 1 per 5 (or maybe 3) level upgrades.

On the same note, some of the premium cultural buildings seem to be a little bit too advantegeous when compared to standard cultural buildings.
Looking at Goddess of Fertility versus Mysterious Cyclone for instance.
The Goddess of Fertility is a combined Mysterious Cyclone and a lvl 15 Residence when looking at grid space and cultural benefit. I can't tell if it generates Gold over time such as a Residence, but on the other hand it doesn't reduce available culture like a Residence would do.
It seems very strong as compared to the Cyclone + Residence variation.
[Reasons for implementing] - Overall balancing for standard versus premium features
[Impact on other game features] - City grid expansions, namely available space and being able to make better use of *working space* for buildings such as manufactories, workshops and military buildings. Having *a lot* more space allows for *a lot* more power in the military and industrial departments and thus allowing for a highly speed up advancement in game.

Of course this is an economic thing for InnoGames and as such a player should not interfere :D

[Alternative Idea] - My suggestion would be to add more aesthetic features for a premium fee.
Such as different landscape themes for the city screen background (a riverside, meandering streams with hills+swamps, ancient ruins, mountain peaks, cliffside at the ocean, dense woodland etc) to allow players a personal environment for their city.
Or some premium buildings like an outpost for scouting teams (2x2). This building would reduce scouting time or allow for multiple simoultaneous scouting actions on the world map.
Different skins for standard buildings would require a lot extra work for the arts team, so I'm not going to suggest that, but it could totally spice up the overall look and feel.

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Hi Feanor, thanks for posting an idea!

Please check out this post here, you will find a template you can use to edit your original post into a format that might help explain your idea a bit easier for those of us stopping by to check it out!


Oka let me add some suggestions here since I've hinted at premium buildings and alternative artwork to be purchased with diamonds.

How about a snow themed environment and a full set of snow covered buildings.
Also I could think of weather effects such as a cloud shadow map moving across the city.
Or some rain effect.
If you want to go all out, I guess a day/night cycle would be brilliant, too.
These should be premium features to be purchased with diamonds.

What happened to the townsfolk pedestrians that were roaming the city in beta world?
I kinda missing them.

Keep it up Inno & thanks for making Elvenar!