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Potential new members-active or not ?

Lady Monica

My suggestion is when looking for a new member (s) it is very difficult to know if they are active. The only way to know for sure is to go into stats and look up the name. This is very time consuming. It would be nice to know when looking up the name in the first instant a small star or some indication they are still playing would be very helpful.


Also introducing the messaging system to the app would allow everyone to be messaged directly and asked if they wanted to join a fellowship.

Currently I find the quickest way is to look for the latest event and spire buildings in the city, not ideal as many players don't place them.


For me it would be very difficult for Inno to provide enough in-game stats for me to make an informed decision on whether to send an invite as I like to look at tournament history plus numbers of past fellowships and how long they stay. For some I can see the suggested feature being a valuable addition though.


The suggested feature would have saved me a lot of time when recruiting new members. While beneficial for the recruiters, I imagine it might scare off new players seeing how many cities are inactive. So mixed feelings here.