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Post yours!


93 marble factories in my elven city for the event(if there were steel,not even half of them:rolleyes:)

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I have two sections dedicated to the event. The first one has everything for the 9 hours, 1-day and 2-day productions:

The second section has the 3 hour productions and the the workshops:

Total squares used, not counting roads; 486
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Blimey, that's some event dedication. I'm using 46 squares for level 1 event buildings and I thought that was quite a bit, considering I'm mid chapter. Of course if I had the space left over from a vacated guest race then it would probably be different.

I have 6 workshops working on toolboxes, 3 marble factories waiting with 2 day productions to collect and 8 marble factories with 1 day productions. All the shorter term ones I just wait on my usual factories finishing and I just hope not to often get the same long term one within a short time of the last.


I have 96 level 1 planks manufactories, and 22 level 1 workshops.
I might have more than I need, but since I don't need the space or population I'm not in any hurry to delete anything.

I finished a chapter just before the event started, and deleted all my guest race buildings, so I had a lot of free space to work with.



92 steel lvl1, 12 workshops lvl1 (placed in between steel so I don't click the wrong production) and 2 planks lvl17 (for the upgrade quest), together 436 squares, not counting roads. Imagine what I could've done with that space had I not been a steel boosted elven player... :mad:



More than 13 workshops are not needed.
1 set of manufactories for 9 hours + 7 large. The rest is 24 or 48 hours.
Totally enough.
25 wells are waiting in the warehouse for a place under the sun.



My event production is scattered over a good part of my Constructs city, so not easy to take a picture of it all.

I have 11 workshops. Fits perfect. 1 round 15min, 2nd round there's 3 left for 5min, and then 2 rounds of 5min :)

I have 7 x 3-hours, 10 x 9-hours, 24 x 1-day (don't ask why ended there, should have been 26, but it works) then 20 x 2-day. And then my main production runs 7 x 3-hour during the day and 7 x 9-hour during night.

My main workshops follow the same pattern.

In my Halflings i have more space because i just entered the chapter in the beginning of the event, so i have more T1's :)



For me i Never want to delete the buildings (manufacturers) which i grow day by day! I like event, but i cant delete my buildings!
In early time, i had 8 marbles, 8 steel and 8plank (basic), when i went to advanced. One day i deleted one basic marble, steel, plank, with resistance in eyes! (I deleted one buidling each day after collect their final goods, and with tears in eyes)