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Playing for a month now and looking for a guild

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I've been playing Elvenar since 3rd of September 2019 and I've decided that it's time for meh to find a guild. I'm a bit of newbie yet, still I believe I could be useful. My boosted goods are as follows:

[Magic Dust]

At first I was counting on microeconomics so I DO NOT produce only boosted goods yet. I'm move towards that atm. I haven't unlock tier 3 goods any yet as well. I'm playing 7/7. I did not invest in army and so on so can't help within tournaments any yet...

Current stats after exactly 1 month of play:

#rank: 12352
Working population: 2777
Required culture: 2144
World map progress: 1108

I'm part of a guild that I use mainly for NH and will stick to them until I find a better one! If anybody interested in my application just let me know.

Thank you in advance!

Have a nice day all and let the goddess bless you!


Hi.We have a smaller fs "age of elves-2" which will be perfect for you.It is active,have 21 members,but not the mandatory participation in tourneys.You can grow at your own pace there,and once you will be strong and ready to play tourneys+FA you can join us:)


We are a laid back, friendly fellowship called Fancy Free who are currently looking for a new player. You can do as little or as much as you wish in the tourney or fellowship adventures so that's not a problem, check us out and if we look the sort of place you think you'd be happy let us know :)


Thank you guys for your replies but I've been contacted by another guild yesterday and I've already accepted their invite. Wish you all best of luck and have fun!