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Player wanted


Arendyll EN winter mixture is looking for one special player. We are looking for somebody on UK or EU time to join our fellowship. You must play the Spire, Tournament and join in all other fellowship quests. If you are well advanced or just starting out it doesn't matter. A retired person would be ideal. Someone who wants a chat now and then -help when stuck -we are laidback with regard strict rules. Come over and take a look at us, have a chat and see if we fit the bill. Happy gaming peeps!


This is a great fellowship. I am proof. I only started 2 months ago and if you check out my score history you can see for yourself how much I grew. Arendyll EN winter mixture fellowship helped me a lot. Lots of active, friendly players that really made me feel at home. Come join us and help keep this fellowship as great as they are now.