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Pinned thread and pinned message

Discussion in 'Archive: Ideas and Suggestions' started by Alcaro, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Alcaro

    Alcaro Alchemist

    Feb 24, 2017
    Hi all,
    what do you think about a thread that can be pinned on top of all? Most FSs have many KP Swaps threads, about next tournament and so on ... wouldn't be nice to be able to pin up one, so that isn't lost somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd page?
    As well, I would like a short message for the FS, to see it on the chat, right under the name of the guild. I think would be useful for mobile players who can't see the normal messages (for example - Use The Blue Path ONLY!!! :D)
  2. Lelanya

    Lelanya Summoner

    Aug 28, 2016
    @Alcaro there is a message already about it
  3. Alcaro

    Alcaro Alchemist

    Feb 24, 2017
    Hi Lel, if exist I didn't find it.
    Still, maybe more peeps asking for same thing will catch devs attention? :rolleyes:
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