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Phoenix Eternal RECRUITING - Open invitation


Join a growing active TEAMWORK focussed Fellowship.

We encourage KP sharing to build AWs (after L3) and work for progress in Tournament and eventually to do more competitively in Spire and FA. There’s no rush to the end game though. Learn and grow with us.

All level players welcome - we are always happy to help and encourage!
Ideally you would have either marble, crystal, elixir or gems as one of your boosted goods, however we welcome anyone willing to play by our established ways which require that Members are:
  • Considerate and respectful of one another
  • Team Players - Join in, help with Events & respond to messages
  • Communicate with FS members (English preferred) even if your language skills aren’t strong, we want to hear from and help you. G00gle Translate is our friend.
  • Make Neighbourly Visits at least 4 times per week (for FS Perks)
  • Trade Fairly - 2* or 3* Trades only (with cross-tier trades at 3* preferred)
  • Please message Elendora our AM (Archmage) if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking.
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