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Can you do something to make us get more petfood?
It comes up in crafting now and then but then also 1 bag at a time.
I need more in crafting or as a prize in the spire.
I have to pick who can eat and who must starve and my pets are getting upset!!
They think I am spoiling the bear.



This topic keeps coming up every now and then. There used to be a lot more pet food in crafting but players complained about not getting other things because it was always pet food so the devs reduced the number of recipes, what they didn't tell us was that there would be more buildings that would need pet food so now some people can't get enough. Now you need to think about what to feed and what not to feed.


If you have issues with petfood then look at your spending habits using them, it makes sense that you can't have the storm, golden,fire, coldfire phoenix, brown polar and panda bear 24/7 active.

On average is you see all recipes a week you can aquire about 6-7petfood a week, so your spending habit should be based around this. this is the limit you have to work with and this means making choices where to spend it on and where to save it.

Some people complain pets are unbalanced, and limiting pet food combined with more pets could be in the future a way to balance them.
As you can spend each petfood only once, and therefore have to make choices.

Making choices is what this game is all about, what to build,m where to build, when to use my combat boosters, which units to make, and where to place my magical production spells and when.

There are several strategies to limit pet food consumption, and to maximise its effect.
Also try to build up a decent supply. if you limit your comsumption and have a supply, then in good times this supply will grow a bit and in moments the academy will not give you te recipes you need you can use that reserve to overcome the bad period untill a good one ariives again.