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Pet food shortage?


Where has all the pet food gone?

I check MA crafting several times per day, but have only had one or two pet food in the past two weeks. Have I been a bad boy, and they are punishing me? :(


Use it sparingly, I have 130+ pet food in storage, also I try and time so I see all 4 crafting a day and use time instants on pet food, aim so that crafting resets an hour before your bedtime (runs 5 hours of your sleep) and then you see new recipe's in the morning at breakfast close to ending. Time boosters on pet food I find the key to it coming into rotation, clear the spot, as letting pet food run in crafting prevents a respawn of pet food in the crafting spot.


Maybe it's just me but I seem to time boost everything I craft in the Magic Academy, even the time boosters :p
Me too.
I figure a 5hour boost to craft a 20hour gives a 15hour profit :D


After a post a few weeks ago regarding starving pets, I started keeping track of how often Pet Food comes up in my MA.
I play every day and usually see 3 cycles per day and sometimes use a sip of clarity for a 4th.
In 3 weeks I got 11 Pet Food. Interesting (to me) is the very random spread, RNG in top form here.

17 April : 1
19 April : 2
26 April : 1
27 April : 2
29 April : 1
2 May : 1
3 May : 1
4 May : 1
8 May : 1 (so far, still morning here)
8 May : 3 whoop whoop :)

I'll carry on keeping tabs in my very swish in-game notepad :)

Edit to adjust 8 May. MA cycled and I got another Pet Food. Timered it, used a Sip of Clarity and got another Pet Food. Thanks RNGesus!!
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My dad can beat your dad! :p



I received two Pet Foods in a row last week but i don't know what I did to deserve that. I am actually running low I believe under 10 now where i used to have around 20 a few months ago. I will try to use timers and keep the right window open in future. Thanks for this post SkyRider99
edit: I have 7 PF...:(
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In 3 weeks I got 11 Pet Food
In the 4 weeks since then, I've crafted 24 Pet Food.
Average 6 per week up from 3.7 per week.
RNG......... ;)


I'm averaging 2/week. I am so happy for you though. :)

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Sorry, I hope my post didn't come across as 'flexing' which was not it's intention :)
2 per week is really Scrooge-like.
I'm guessing the Fire Phoenix gets one while the other emaciated pets have to fight over the crumbs of the 2nd.
This must have quite an effect on spire/tourney choices. Fight/bribe.
I hope RNGesus smiles upon you in the future ;)