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Pet/Expiring Building that effects Crafting recipes

Sir Derf

How about a pet with a feeding effect or an expiring building that, when active would influence the odds of recipe appearance in particular ways?

Increase chance of instants, decrease chance of relics, increase artifacts, decrease culture buildings?

Or that decreases the costs to craft items?


Messing with the probability for certain recipes to show up sounds a bit messy, some people want one thing more, other want other things more... People would constantly complain about which one to up and which one to down.

Reducing spire costs sounds nice especially for beginners, but not easy to program. maybe an easier solution would be a building that produces Combining catalysts/spell fragments. Of course we already have the Spire + Spire Set to do that for us, so no need for towns past chapter 3. But as I said for beginners it could be nice. they could put 1 such building in the end of each chapter chest for the first 2 chapters and make it expire after 1 month.


It does sound messy. They would have to have a way of physically labelling each item into a certain category... I like the idea though.


I mean they do have the most important part already coded: Items do have different probabilities already now, so the code would not have to be written from scratch.

I was advocating a long time ago (maybe even somewhere in here) a system that would automatically adjust those probabilities to the players preferences, simply by moving items that are actually crafted into the higher probability slot and the ones that go uncrafted to move into the lower slot. Of course a bit of tweaking to account for not being able to craft everything one wants out of the 5 on occasion and of course missing entire cycles.
Anyway I stopped asking for it, because I assume there was a (balancing) point behind the decision to have the probabilities as they are and the devs are not going to change them to give us better rewards. And that is of course the same with the proposition here. I don´t think they want to change the probabilities...


The integrity of the code will be questioned non-stop once you do not get what you want, even with this "effect" on. You will burn 50-200 diamonds, and then rage quit, or come here and break hell loose haha. Not worth it for INNO...

I'd suggest a very rare 1x1 little culture spire building, that lasts 100 days and keeps one pet fed. Maybe the one you place it next too (so its challenging.) Even you can make it nonremovable, so you cannot change pets with it... (might be a nuisance, but to make it challenging and not hyper-powered, so one pet only, 100 days). That way, the word "duck-less", or, "bird-less", disappears from our dictionaries.