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Question Perks - reset?

What happens when the AM resets the perks?

Do all the perks go back into the 'bag' for reassignment to the four different areas?

I'm hoping the perks don't get reset to zero. :oops:

I watched the video, but it wasn't helpful as far as explaining *how* to use perks. It was more about what they were, and how pretty they looked. o_O
@SkyRider99 as I understand it, when an AM resets the perks all levels of perks are reset to 0 with the XP spent returned to the pool to be spent again.
Cheers Stephen1. I was hoping it was something like that.

If a mage gets too enthusiastic I would like to be able to readjust things to better suit the whole FS.


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@SkyRider99, the reset is only free of charge once. It then costs Diamonds. :)


@SkyRider99, the reset is only free of charge once. It then costs Diamonds. :)

The announcement says
Resetting Perks can be done only by the Archmage. One free reset is available the first day of every month. All other resets will require Diamonds.
I read that to mean that every month you can do a free reset. Does that mean it's only free once AND it needs to be the first of the month to use that one freebie?

Are paid resets available at other times, or are they only available on the 1st?

rock stream

Archmages may need to request the ability to levy a diamond tax against their FS :D
OR just bounce the AM title around from player to player, depending on the escalation in cost. Should be able to get a couple resets in depending on who is a washed in diamonds.
... AND it needs to be the first of the month ...
My reading is that the reset fairy returns on the 1st of the month and is active for that month. But you have a good point Turing. Clarification would be comforting :)

Thanks everyone for your helpful posts :cool:
...and nobody has said they did so
I don't allow more than three mages. Mages have a lot of power and disgruntled rogue mages can even destroy a FS. Everyone in my FS is happy with this arrangement; they don't want the additional responsibility :)

If you wanted more clarity (control) you could temporarily demote mages, then reset the FEs and reapply the perks yourself before restoring FS status to your recalcitrant mages. Just an idea :cool: