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P1020ians are looking for crystals

Hi all
P1020ians is an active and motivated fellowship, and we work cheerfully together.
The biggest issue we have isn't relationships or getting people to meet their personal goals (ie share of necessary points to meet our team goals) in the fortnightly Spire and Tournament push. Nope, our weak spot is blue crystals. We have everything else covered, and trade with intent to support each other's resource needs, but crystals just aren't happening for us enough to keep up demand.
Higher ranked players offer 3-star trades so we can provide newer players with one, or often no star trades to bring them crystals. We don't sit around waiting for luck from the daily gift.
Do you have crystals and would like to join us?
If not, and you're a generous and fun team person, then you're still welcome to join us - even with your red gems.
Silverdebster (AM)