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Answered Orc ring


Hi, I have unfortunately scouted 3 provinces in the orc ring, and I am still in fairies at the moment. I have looked ahead into the orcs chapter but can’t see where you get the orc heads from to complete the provinces. Where do you get them from please?


You can recruit/train/hire them from a level 20 or higher armory (unlocked in orcs chapter). You can also get them from a orcs nest (event building) that is in the orcs chapter or higher.

Sir Derf

Also, keep in mind that an Orc Nest only gives orcs if the building is Chapter 8 (Orcs and Goblins). If you acquire it while still in Fairies, it won't matter if you place it before or after you start the Orc chapter, it won't give orcs.

(If you have them, you can upgrade the Orc Nest chapter using Royal Restoration spells, so all would not be lost; it just needs more things done then simply "get and place it early")


Thank you guys for your helpful replies, I will have to be patient and try not to scout any more provinces in the orc ring.


I have 4 armouries and get all the orcs I need from them even on the 4-day production cycle.


Chapter 12. But I never cater in the tournament, which might be a difference.

I only had 3 in ch12, the later chapters require a lot more orcs. Some players in ch15 have 6 armories to meet requirements.

Also I fight tournaments so the orcs don't go there however some times I do train extra Orc Strategists than what my 3 Grounds provide.

The building upgrades in ch15 require astronomical amounts of Orcs also.