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Orc residences


Hi all,

I'm sure someone has already asked or written about this - but I couldn't find it.

What is the general thought about the orc residence upgrade. It obviously takes up a lot more room, but the increase is very substantial. Are players reducing the number of residences to upgrade - or just paying for expansions. I've basically hit my limit in space without removing goods or workshops.

Just interested in thoughts about it.

Thanks in advance.


Well, this is mostly an Elf issue. Elf residences go from 2x4 Fairy to 4x3 Orc, but humans go from 5x2 to 4x3. So for us humans, the change in size is less dramatic, but also the orientation remains mostly the same.

So for Elf, you will first have to calculate how many residences you need to drop to have the space for all the upgrades. Then you can tell how much population that will cost you in total, versus how much population you will gain from it.


Using the actual space used by your remaining 40 residences lvl19 (360 cells), you can only build 26 residences lvl21 (roads included)

But, you have plenty of wasted room everywhere and by lining all better, you could keep more residences or build some other buildings...


Thanks for the advice. I've been trying to leave some room around to upgrade other buildings (such as my goods) and to add in other new buildings. I think I've put in some ancient wonders that I don't really need too! So I just need to do some maths to work out the balance for the orc residences over the fairy ones...


you can also try out in www.elvenarchitect.com your current layout and replace with the orc residence to see how it will come out before you actually start rearranging. would sure hate to give up something you dont need to that may affect your game play


:) Good advice - I shall use this in game myself as I am at a similar stage.