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One Last Plea to Save the Forum!!!


At the end of the day, it really feels that Inno do not care whether players stay or leave the game. The latest AW change debacle seems to confirm that.
I am also bamboozled @Elfclaw the Mighty. The whole shebang just seems like I have woken to some insane Bizarro world.



I would be lost without this forum, the help I've been given has only enhanced my game experience, I'm afraid and I'm sure I speak for many others that I would lose interest if I can't find the information or help I need to grow my city.


I have played for over 3 years and the forum was and continues to be an invaluable source of info and ideas. I’m always learning new tips. I have tried Discord but haven’t found any way to search for an item that I’d like to re read. Please keep the the forum


Does Inno actually know the demographic of most of their players? I think not...
I wonder what the demographic is for Inno board members, Game designers and devs, and the marketing team fer crissakes. :confused:

Irrespective of which, they are clever enough to contrive new ways to wring diamonds from the masses. Maybe not a bad thing, considering that a minority of Elvenar players seem to be supporting a host of die-hard free players. So this is what it's come to.

My son (19) has looked at the game and laughed hysterically. He says no way would he or his friends even consider playing Elvenar, it's way too slow for them and patience doesn't tend to be their thing. He agrees that trying to force existing players onto Discord is not likely to improve anything for them.


patience doesn't tend to be their thing.
Yeah, patience is an acquired art. Developed over time and incentivised by the eventual reward(s) at the end.

Inno seems to have taken some of our existing rewards, and has now adopted the 'carrot-on-a-stick' approach to get us donkeys to keep playing and paying extra for the rewards we had planned for over a long period of time.


I am enjoying reading your posts though @Elfclaw the Mighty. :)


This will continue over the coming weeks, as we assess the situation moving forward. We are doing this and extending beyond December, due to the amount of support that has been shown for some of the Forums.
A heads-up to all who wish the current forum to continue.

There has been little in the way of new postings, and limited replies to those who do strive to post messages and replies to forum threads.

Irrespective of whether Inno will (or plans to) close this invaluable feature of the game, we as a community of forum supporters need to demonstrate that we require the forum to continue.

I encourage all players who revere this institution to contribute in some way to the forum listings.



Seeing as how they never listen to anything we say and once they decide on something they never change their minds, I would say the Forums are as good as gone. Im so disillusioned by this game and if it wasnt for the wonderful members in my Fellowship I would probably pack up my spell fragments and leave. But we soldier on in hope that the powers that be will finally see the light or come out of the bubble they live in and see whats happening to this game we have all loved for so many years, along with an outstanding resource called the FORUM.
I was looking at the Google Play reviews of the game earlier. The Support team (or whoever responds to the reviews) keep pointing people to post in Discord, proving that they do not listen to players. I'm going to amend my previously 5-star review of the game, and point this out, as well as the fact that players are leaving in droves after the recent AW changes.

Edited: Apparently something I wrote in my original post here (which has now been removed by a Mod) was seen as encouraging people to break the rules. Who knows what it was - I think I'll start screenshotting my own comments!
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