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olivers army is searching a new fellow.


olivers army which has 24 fellows now is searching a new fellow to get to the ideal total of 25 fellows.
The fellowship is relatively new, but is very active. We get 8 chests in the tournament, recently even 9 (although I admit that were nailbiters) and we want to achieve 10 in the near future. We are also active in the spire (weekly a bronze medal, thus 50 diamonds) and in fellowship adventures (146th place in last adventure).

The fellowship is as I said active, with very good communication and very helpful for players who want to join us. Score or ranking is not important, but being active is.
We expect that you will participate in tournament, fellowship adventures, spire (once you have reached chapter 3) and in trades.

If the above appeals to you and you want more information before applying please contact me or the archmage princess shera ingame.