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Offering mercenary for one tournament


I’m stuck in Halflings because of low seeds production and desperately need RR spells. I’m looking for a fellowship targeting 10 chests in the next (crystal) tournament. I’m not looking for permanent switch of fellowships, just one tournament. (That allows me to upgrade Marching band event building so it produces seeds.)

My tournament average is slightly above 2k points (you can look me up on elvenstats) and that’s what I offer for taking me on board for the crystal tournament.
World: Winyandor (that’s where this thread is placed, but not everyone notices that).
I’m 99% app player, so I’ll be present on chat, but no guarantees of reading mail/messages in browser (I go there very irregularly). This shouldn’t be a problem during tournament, imho.
Please contact me here on the forum rather than through in-game messaging.


Ahh, makes sense. It’s a deal then! Thanks. I’ll send you in-game message today, so you/we have direct contact in the mailbox. Looking forward the next tournament. ;-)