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Need to separate Our Trades Accepted from our Neighborly help, i did a heap of Trades & now seem to have lost a lot of my Friends Help, so my Culture is suffering, need to get them into 2 separate sections, what do people think?
I reckon it is way overdue.


You´ll find that suggestion if you use the search function :) And yes I completely agree!

Only thing you can do now is to every now and then go through your map and visit everybody to kickstart them again...


or to post fewer (much bigger) trades.


A good idea @Wayne61, that will help those who place a lot of trades and have a large number of their fellowship and neighbours giving help. As @Gargon667 says the temporary solution until we can convince the devs to introduce this change is to either post larger trades or visit all your neighbours again.


We've been asking for this simple and hugely beneficial change for ages! Alas, no joy yet. :(

It got even worse with the merchant trade model introduced in chapter 18!