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Answered Non-boosted goods required for solving province encounters

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I am not sure if it is because I am at a peculiar stage of development but I now seem to only get Province Encounters that almost exclusively require my non-boosted goods to solve.

I decided at the start of the game that I would try and not use a military solution to any situation posed by the game. So, this means that I try my best to negotiate Province Encounters. I have got ahead of the game in the number of provinces I have discovered and I have realised that it is now very rare that I need my Boosted Goods (Marble and Crystals at this time) for use in these negotiations. This means that I am totally reliant on trading my boosted goods for the other goods as I cannot produce the 'normal' Goods in sufficient quantities.

Am I just at a period in Province Discovery where this happens or is this a weird game mechanic to make us trade?


yes, you have to trade to get unboosted as the goods required for negociating are linked to the good of the province : you need marble and/or crystal and/or elixir for marble/crystal/elixir most of the time except from time to time, another good... but most of the time the goods are the same as the province...
Anyway, you'll need averagely the same amount of all the goods to buy upgrades or research, so, start to balance all your goods through the trader as a daily habbit... ;)


Thanks for the reply tonton-des-bois.

I try to balance my resources as you suggest. I have been trying to get to new Marble/Crystal/Elixir provinces which I suppose, answers my question,, as I have had to resolve a lot of other provinces to get there.