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Answered No quests after chapter 4?


Hello, I finished chapter 4 a few days ago and I have completed 4 researches in chapter 5. The last quest I finished was about completing the Elven Ancient Wonders research, since then I can only see the Season of Dreams and the event questlines, no story or repeatable quests are available. Is this normal?


The generic quests were replaced with the Season. Unfortunately, the Season isn't much help for you.
I am not sure though, why you can't see the story line quests. Maybe you should open a ticket to Support?


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi @tanash00 there are a few moments in the Storyline where the Quests will disappear for a bit! BUT I do agree with @Alcaro here and I think a Ticket to Support would be your best bet!! They'll get to the bottom of it :)

Kind Regards