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Closed | Archived No more intra-set connexion for Winter Set


Hi all,

Just after I started to build a new culture, all my Frozen Fountains that weren't directly connected to a road (but were connected through the set before) became disconnected... it's very annoying because they are my only mana revenue providers...
fountains.png fountains2.png

PS : atm, two of my fellows are issuing the same problem..., the fountains connected through other set buildings (like the troll) are still connected, only those connected through other fountains are not connecting...
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Maybe it was intended for them to be connected only by the different buildings? My fountains all touch the troll and they all work.


ah, i believe they mean that one set contains just one of each building in it and if you have a second building of the same type, it is not considered as part of the whole set, but rather starts a second instance of that set. you know, like you can have 2 or 3 weeping willows for an example, this way you can have 2 or more winter sets.


So they have nerfed the building sets that were only marginally useful to begin with, for the majority of players who did the maths on the combined set benefits they would find the set wasn't worth it before Inno make them less useful. But tonton also has a point. Changing the way a set works AFTER a player has invested time and possibly money in getting it isn't fair.


I'm sure Inno encouraged players to try and get 2 lighthouses and pavillons in the Easter set so it would be possible to have each of the 3 Grand Prizes running at full bonus. I assume with the changes, this would no longer work either but I could be wrong.