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Open No increase in production for some event buildings


I have noticed that some of the newer event buildings don't show any increase in production for the next chapter. For instance the Amnu ships in chapter 15 give 3700 culture and 5000 seeds. When I check on the upgrade tab it show that the an upgrade to the next chapter would increase the culture to 4500 but no increase for seeds. I'm pretty sure there was a (very) small increase before, and Elven architect does show it should be 5100. Same thing for the Firefly Lookout, the Elven Ship (for coins) and the Orc Ship (for orcs). And I have the same thing for 2 buildings from chapter 14 (Savoury Food market and Cotton Candy Magic), it shows no increase in seed production for the next chapter (15).
In short all those buildings only show an increase in culture not their production.
So is it just some visual bug that doesn't show the increase in production (I'm sure it was there before) or was the production increase removed form them?

Edit: Here's a pic for the Savoury Food Market as an example.

Opera Snapshot_2020-10-17_225029_en1.elvenar.com.png
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This is a bug that was already reported here, plus on Beta a couple of weeks ago... I actually thought everything had all gone back to normal as of a couple of days ago... but perhaps not.

It is just a visual bug.


Oh, ok, I see it now, I usually check out all the new posts, not sure how I missed it. Well it's always good to remind the devs, they are often very slow at fixing/changing things :)


Ah, @anonglitch , I'm tempted to say that there is a big difference between the Inno devs being aware of something and doing something about it, but this is really not an important issue (since it's just visual) so I won't say it ;)
In any case thanks for the fast reply on this bug and sorry for not checking thoroughly if it was reported before :)