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Question Next FA


I know that the developers like to keep us guessing but would possible for you to let us know if there will be anew event before we get an FA? Not asking for a date, you can keep that secret, just the order of things would be so helpful.
Happy new year


in Beta there was no FA after Winter Magic event. Actually a new event will start in 32h :) Maybe a new FA will start after that event. Can't say when will be that since I have no idea what type of event it is and how long will take.


I think you may well be right Alcaro. Posting in the Beta forum, from Necromancer Jackluyt on Monday had this info:

A new questline event starts in Beta on Thursday - so it looks like we are not getting a Fellowship Adventures.
I will post full details in a Google Doc just as soon as I have more information, probably on the day it starts.
Happy New Year!!
Almost certainly we will get those multi-purpose artifacts in Tomes in the next event to give us the choice to finish our evolving building - and I suspect that may be why they invented them, so we could have fewer 'compulsory' FA's.
If that is the case, many of us will heave a sigh of relief...


I understand that we will be going straight into a new event with no FA after the latest event ended. A lot of players enjoyed their holidays, played when they had time and need an evolve or 2 for the event just finished. It would be sad and miserable not to have that opportunity normally offered via an FA to enable those players (I know there are a lot of them) to gain the final evolves.

Either that or please open up the evolves to be converted in some way or generic, so we can use some of the ones currently piling up in our inventories (where we already have the event building placed and fully evolved)

The artifacts in tomes do look useful but they are far from "generic"
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