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Newly founded beginner FS seeking fellow beginners

Hi there!

I just founded the FS "Work in Progress" and I'm looking for members to join me. I'm primarily looking for active beginners (Chapter 1 or 2) in order to earn a chest or two in tournaments, maybe go on FS adventures, and of course trade boosted goods. Having said that, once we have the trades going more or less smoothly, we should focus on producing boosted goods only and trade for the rest (usually 1:1 within the same tier). Later on, we will also help each another out with Ancient Wonders and may or may not pay the Spire a visit (it's really expensive but, with any luck, there's diamonds in it).
While this may sound a bit demanding, the idea is to get together in an active but drama-free FS, exchange tips and experiences, have a good time and, in times of Covid and lockdown, a chat with other "home prisoners" ;)
Btw, "beginners" just means that their city in Felyndral should be at Chapter 1 or 2. The players themselves can of course be more experienced. Timezones are also not relevant (I'm in CEST or UTC+2 btw).

Feel free to click the Apply button or contact me (here or in-game). See you around!


Since noone seemed to be interested, I disbanded my FS and will now join another one.
While the idea is good, the problem is: most newbs don´t come read the forums...

However it is a good way to learn the game by joining a good FS. Depending on what aspect of the game you are interested most, join a FS that does just that very well and you will have the best teachers. If you like working with newbies, you can always start mentoring newbs in whatever FS you are in.