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Newbie needs nice fellowship


Hi all.
I am very new to the game. But enjoying it so much I set up a second city. My city in Arendyll is happily placed in a good progressive fellowship but I still do not have a fellowship in Felyndral. Ideally, I don't want a fellowship that is full of newbies. I am learning the game and would appreciate some advice from experienced players, but obviously I would struggle to keep up with a fellowship that is all advanced players (I've been looking and some of you guys have amazing cities by the way!) So something with a mix of both beginner, middle and more advanced would be nice with active players. I am anticipating playing every day and hope to join in, as well as I can, with any events and tournaments.
So basically nothing too small, nothing too big and someone prepared to take a new player on. In return I will help the fellowship out as best I can.