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New Vibrant Fellowship!

Would you like the awesome opportunity of being in a new, vibrant, up ‘n’ coming Fellowship – The Smofflers?

A lovely group of us have come together after a bit of a terrible AM experience. After having been under a few of them, we've decided to set up a new type of fellowship. It is more cooperatively run with a core of old hands who have been playing together for a while and know how to have fun too!

Our Fellowship, in the true sense of the word, is here for good players who want to play in a relaxed, democratic style. All sorts of players are welcome as a broad church makes a happy team. If you are an exerienced player who needs some rekindling Elvenar sparkle or are an up 'n' coming keeny, all are welcome!

We are excellent seasoned tourney and spire and FA players; yet our priority is on helping each other and being a jolly and supportive band of fellows.

We are already a 10 chest Fellowship, most of us get to the top of the Spire and we came 8th in the FA when there were just 7 of us! Our Fellowship ranking is already 24th with places still to spare.

We also have “Lockdown Boredom Book Club’, 'Song Theme Competition' and a regular quiz by our Quizmaster Ted.

If you feel you are intrepid and up for the adventure then please reply, read our overview, have a chat and tell us a bit about how you play! You are welcome to contact Silvermaiden in game or note any interest here.

**We are here to rekindle Elvenar mojo and sparkle for the game **

Best Wishes Silvermaiden and The Smofflers

“Smoffle” verb \ ˈsmäfəl \ the art of collecting the wrong item at the worst possible time, often brought about by the act of “swiping” whilst on “chat”;)
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