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New round of Fellowship Adventures


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the New Round of Fellowship Adventures.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


"And don't forget! A significant amount of Fellowship Experience will be added to the FA Ranking Rewards."

Would be interesting to know these details (also the rewards) before the FA starts. After that we can see by ourselves what we get.



A new round of Fellowship Adventures starts on October 6th.​


Read all about the one that ended recently in Beta here: https://tinyurl.com/2p99np8n
You are welcome to share this file with friends; it does need a special program to open it.

Note that the version that comes to live worlds is not always exactly the same as the one that was tested in Beta server.


Wake me when it's over please. :eek:

Unfortunately many of my FS like to play the FAs. I feel obliged to help them. I am not very excited though. ;)

Silly Bubbles

Maybe it's time to talk to your fellows. It's not really very fair from them to ask you to do something that you don't want to do. Or maybe try to enjoy helping your fellows so you're not stuck in miserability. Or change FS that is more suited to your style. Or do only tasks that you enjoy. Or go on a holiday. Or say they you're busy and can't play for a week. Or make it look like you're helping while you're not. There's so many options to go around it and not to spoil the game for ourselves.
I think that FA is here to stay so it might be better to find a happy way out of it rather than get miserable. And of course, it's up to us what we choose to do about it. ;)

Sir Derf

Best we can preliminarily suggest is to take a gander at the information in the Beta section for what they saw when they went through it, but like investment advice, past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.


Fellowship Adventures starts on Thursday!
Good luck!!
:) :p


All the information you need, including prizes, badges and a spreadsheet is in these two files:
Fellowship Adventures (starts October 6th): https://tinyurl.com/2p99np8n
Fellowship Adventures Master File: You are welcome to share these links with friends; these are not 'Facebook' files - they can be opened on any PC.

Note that the version in Beta from which the file was recorded is not always identical to the one that appears in the live worlds.


Fellowship Adventures has begun!


Read all about it in these two files, which need no special programs to open them:
Fellowship Adventures (starts October 6th): https://tinyurl.com/2p99np8n
Fellowship Adventures Master File: https://tinyurl.com/mrxayvjt

Note that the version in Live Worlds may be slightly different to the ones described here, which were recorded in Beta server; we will add notes about any changes we may find in the course of today.


@Herodite @anonglitch @Silmaril
Can we please get a changed requirement for the Bracelet badge? Something in the range of "produce a good amount of marble, steel, planks, and/or any sentient or ascended goods produced in the same manufactory".
I get that it's only Tier 1, because otherwise it would just be too easy, but can we please do Tier 1 across the spectrum? Most of us don't have a lot of Tier 1 manufactories out for the actual Basic Goods anymore and mostly have Tier 1 manufactories out to make Sentient and/or Ascended Goods. Would really appreciate it if the FA would evolve with the rest of the game requirements :)


As soon as I posted this, I went back to the game and was able to access the fa map....pfft, sods law....lol :)


As soon as I posted this, I went back to the game and was able to access the fa map....pfft, sods law....lol :)
Just the game messing with your head :p