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Question New Ipad


Switching Elvenar over to my IPad, from Android. I have all the functions but no buildings.
Any help appreciated.


Hi kimkimkim. I have all of the game working, however the city is black. Tap and I can get coins etc. Hit move and a grid shows. There must be a iPad setting as the buildings are functioning but not showing.
Appreciate your help.


when in doubt, clear cookies and cache then try again....if after you do that and it still is not working, contact support...hope this helps


Black city could be a memory thing. I sometimes get that and if I exit and load the city again, it is fine.

The grid you should only see if you hit the edit button and that is as it should be. The edit button is the one with 4 arrows near the bottom right. If you want to see the buildings while editing, you must tap the Show Buildings bottom left. That button toggles with the Hide Buildings button.

Hope this helps.