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New Game: The Person Below Me?


True, I lack in the sleep department so if I can sleep I wanna sleep dammit!!! :mad:

The person below me secretly is addicted to sexy lingerie


not unless you are attracted to an old fat woman
with a package of oreo cookies on a leash attached
to her nipple ring? :p:p:p

The person below me likes to wear ladies lingerie...(yes it goes with first response to lingerie)


Senior Game Moderator
Elvenar Team
Well, no.
And what is this fixation you have with lingerie?

The person below me enjoys good music (pre 1980).

Golddust Odin

Yes, an enormous one. My character on the US server is named after a particular location in the Wizarding World. ;)

The person below me participates in Creative Anachronism (or is, at least, a fan of Poul Anderson).


How dare you ? I smell of stale beer and fried onions not cheese.
The person below me thinks my nose is rather big.


Nahhh it could be bigger, lol
The person below me recites Shakespeare's sonnets to the trees in the moonlight while wearing nothing at all.


To be, or not to be to the tree?... while only wearing Chanel no5 like Marilyn though...:rolleyes:
The person below me clips his nails anywhere except over a trashcan :D


(used to wear white socks, but not anymore):p
The person below me loves to watch star trek series:cool:
So, no one wrote anything above me, so I will be a brave pioneer and "restart" this game.

The person below me is obsessed with anything to do with weddings. :D:D:D:D<3<3<3<3