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[New Game Features] Notes


Would like to see us able to take notes within the game.
Elenar is just starting and in future there will be more than 1 world, as we have seen earlier.
If we had notes in each world we would then be able to plan our next moves, thus maximizing play.


I'd like this too. I already make notes on a pad or spreadsheet right now. It's great to plan what order you'll upgrade buildings, where you'll need to move your city around to, or where your next expansion might go etc.

As the game expands there'll be more reasons as well; in FoE it was great to follow great building progression, how many goods necessary to get technologies and/or provinces etc.


Hi Manan1, welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your idea :)

I'm interested to know what kind of notes system you're envisaging... would it be a drop-down window like with the Goods list, or would it be a 'floating' window, able to be detached from the game? What kind of facilities would you like to see included... would it be a simple text editor, or something more complex? Would you save the files within the game itself, like messages?


I'd like to see a window which can be opened/closed maybe from a button in the top menu bar.

I wouldn't need much more than a text editor; as long as it had the basics like bold/underline and paragraph breaks, so that the notes can be made to look organised, and the window size should be changeable too.

Other than that nothing fancy or groundbreaking. I'd just use it for example:

"Unlock Advanced Armories then Squad Research 3 Techs.
Train loads of Priests and then take xx Province.
Upgrade all residences, then can build 2 more steel manufactories.
Next expansion unlock - bottom right corner > move workshops there."

That type of thing.


Dear Amy,
Personally I would prefer a drop-down so it would be easy to handle and definitely not detached or it would be lost/confusing as more worlds are included.
Simple text editor would serve the purpose.
Yes, the file should be able to be edited and saved within the game itself. I think only one note, but as long as possible, is needed to be able to recognize what our next moves should be. As long as the features of the game are presently , I think it should be enough unless there are plans to change the gameplay then we should revise further.
Thanks & best regards