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New fellowship wanted

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We are two players looking for a new active fellowship. We have only been playing for a few months and our players have left us or are inactive. We would like to be part of a fellowship that is polite,helpful and with no dramas. They will need to be helpful, considerate & understanding. We would be more than willing to help others (if we can). We will visit our fellow members to polish.We play most days and our boosted goods are steel, elixirs,scrolls,gems,marble and silk. We hope that there is a fellowship that will consider us? Now, I am going back to the game. Kaz1006


Hi Kaz1006, we are still growing ourselves come and join us at "Camaraderie " you would be most welcome.


hi kaz dragonstorm sounds just what you are looking for check us out and let me know if you and your friend are interested


Hi Kaz, Sons of Anarchy may be just up your street as a fellowship. Check out my post in the Fellowships seeking members. We have a few spots remaining, have new players in the fellowship that we are helping and have lots of opportunities to progres. It's all about enjoying the game at the end of the day though. See what you think. Jay-Lee