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new fellowship risen from the ashes seeking players

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Hi all Risen from the ashes is a brand new fellowship largely made up of ex members of Moonleaf grove we were a top 30 fellowship before the archmage and a few other members stopped playing and the decision was made to start again .we are a keen but easygoing group of players there are only a few basic rules, visit as often as possible, let us know if you will be away , fair trading 2 and 3 star unless with the permission of Archmage(I may help smaller cities with unfair trades to get going) , there is no requirement to do tournaments but we encourage those who can to partake as the rewards are great.
boosts that we are most interested in are steel, planks crystal scrolls elixir and magic dust although we are full on marble a large city with 2 of the tier 2 and 3 boosts we require would be considered
Ideally we would like to recruit people with tier 3 boosts unlocked but all applications will be considered
Applications are open on the fellowship page or contact Baralinka,Marlinka or Elvendeer in game

Our final rule and most important is to be courteous to all other members at all time and

Looking forward to filling our roster and returning to the higher echelons of felyndral world


Hi Guys, We have a struggling fellowship we have a small band of dedicated fellows and a lot of deadwood. we are looking for a fellowship to take 4-5 players.



Hi MJP we could certainly accept 4 or 5 new members, I have sent you a mail in game but if you play on the app I don't think you can see mail . if you can let me know the names of the players who want to join I can send them invites or they can apply to the fellowship in game . obviously they will have to leave the current fellowship first


risen from the ashes is now full and no longer recruiting