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New Feilds (Fellowship Quest Winners) Have 1 Vacancy


Hello Tournament and Fellowship Quest Players

New Fields needs two high flyers, 100k upwards to join our progressive fellowship of multi-national players.

What we require mostly from you:

1) To visit all fellowship members at least 5 days a week.

2) Trade at 2 or 3 stars, fair trade is the best friendship policy. We help with extra special trades on a frequent basis.

3) Give active help in adventurer quests. We normally have 24 or 25 members participating (the awards are for everyone), the more help you can give, the bigger prizes you can win. Our fellowship "New Fields" won the last Fellowship Quest Adventure and received the top rewards.

We require people prepared to be active in Tournaments. We usually reach box 8 or 9. Any help that you can provide would be beneficial for the whole group, the awards are for everyone.

There will be no pressure to grow at a fast rate (go at your own pace).

We have active chat from very friendly and helpful TEAM.

Inactive members can be removed at any time, please change your title if you are going to be away (or contact the Archmage) and we will send goods to your Main Hall so you return to some bonus coins.

Looking forward to working with you.

contact: Redberry (Archmage)

contact: Elvenbeast (Mage)
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